Why Use a Designer?

Why use a yacht designer?
A specialist yacht designer leads all aspects of the creative process whether for a new-build or a refit project, usually working as part of a team together with a Naval Architect, shipyard, yacht broker and Project Manager to help you to achieve your aspirations. A yacht designer adds value through experience and specialist knowledge.
What does a yacht designer do?
A yacht designer will guide you through the design process from establishing the design brief and developing initial designs through to providing detail design drawings and overseeing the project to its conclusion.
A yacht designer’s skill set is multi-faceted and includes sketching ideas in front of you, providing artists impressions, mood boards, design details, materials and finishes specifications, samples, space planning and space optimisation, budget estimates, lighting, audio visual integration, interior furnishing and fit-out, artwork and objects d’art.
The designer’s role also includes regular meetings with the client, the project team, the shipyard and also guiding clients in many aspects of yacht design, build and ownership where design input is relevant. Designers work closely with owners and/or their captains.
Always keeping one eye on seaworthiness, suitability of materials for the marine environment and most importantly safety, your designer is there to look after your interests and to balance budgets, consider practicality of build, longevity of finishes and resale value as part of the wider design and build team.
Why work with an established yacht design studio?
Working with an established specialist yacht design studio gives you peace of mind. Your captain, yacht broker or project manager will be able to advise you on well established yacht design studios and the difference in approach that makes each studio unique.
What’s the first step in selecting your yacht designer?
There are a number of well established specialist yacht designers and Naval Architects that range from two person studios to large offices with many staff. Each practice has a different approach, different personalities and often a particular design style for which they are known.
The designer/client relationship can make or break a project so it is important that you meet designers and spend time together to establish whether personalities, styling preferences and expectations are aligned.
How often will I need to meet with my yacht designer?
Client involvement varies hugely from project-to-project depending how much time each client has available. Some projects might have as few as three or four meetings over the course of two or three years whereas some projects have a three day meeting once a month over the same period of time.
Designers will be fully self-sufficient, communicating regularly by phone, Skype and email for those clients who do not have time to visit the project as often as they would like, or they will work closely with clients who have regular and frequent involvement. Whether working directly with the client or through an owners representative or project manager, the designer will communicate regularly throughout the build to keep the client fully informed.
How long will the yacht designer be involved with my project?
Introducing a designer at the earliest possible stage ensures the best creative input from the very conception of your project, whether the designer is commissioned to produce exterior design, interior design or both. Your designer will follow the process through to completion, problem solving, monitoring budget and build processes along the way, and keeping you informed.
How do yacht designers charge?
Fees and fee structure will vary from design studio to design studio and will also vary depending on the location, scope, complexity and size of project.
Here at Adam Lay Studio, once the designer’s scope of responsibility has been fully defined, we charge a fixed fee for:
Concept Development – where the designer explores initial ideas and puts forward a concept design.
Proposal Design – where the designer confirms the design with the client using sketches, mood boards, artists impressions and full-size details.
Design Information – where the designer produces the drawings, specifications and samples for the shipyard to produce the construction drawings.
Meetings and Project Management – office based monitoring of the project along with an agreed number of face-to-face meetings from concept to completion.
In addition to the fixed fee (charged at the designer’s Day Rate):
Additional Work – applies to anything outside of the specified scope. Note: at Adam Lay Studio we try to ensure at the outset that a full scope of works is established to avoid any unexpected extra costs.
Flights and Expenses – are charged additionally.
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